fruits & flowers


that is my sweet sukah baby above wearing his blueberry beanie that my dear friend and neighbor beate of fruits and flowers knit for him…blueberry baby is now his other nick name.

st. nicholas on monday did the trick- got us into the holiday spirit…. the boys and i hung ornaments in the windows, strings of lights over doorways, and our stockings on the backs of our dinner table chairs (we decorate the tree german style, on the morning of christmas eve). i even got some holiday baking in….i do hope we get to visit a weihnachtsmarkt nearby this weekend. we will see….the weather remains extreme, we are covered deep in snow.

3 Responses to “fruits & flowers”

  1. stephanie

    Sweet! as a blueberry!!


  2. jetpher

    sweet baby it’s so nice face..I really like it :)

  3. Jamie from Online Backup Services

    Your baby boy looks really adorable. It makes me want to pinch his cheeks pink.

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