merry, merry, & bright

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  1. constance

    I want to wish YOU a Merry Christmas
    from the BOttom of my Heart
    2 !

    Thinking of you with a smile upon my face.
    Love to you and yours!


  2. stephanie

    jumping for joy! over this Merry Christmas card.

    happy happy elsa!


  3. tinker

    Thanks for the hippityhoppity happy jibjab greeting!
    Wishing you and yours, all things merry and bright, dear Elsa.
    Merry Christmas! xox

  4. Relyn

    Well, I didn’t get here in time for Christmas, but I wanted to stop by and wish you the merriest of Christmas seasons. I hope the day itself was wonderful and I hope that the coming week is full of joy. May you find laughter with friends, affection and joy with family, short return lines, and lots of great deals during after-Christmas shopping. I want to thank you for your thoughtful blog and for dropping by mine. You have made my year richer and fuller and sweeter. Merry, happy, joyous New year!! Much love, Relyn

  5. stephanie

    happy new year elsa!!!

    may 2011 be bright and happy and healthy


  6. somepinkflowers

    just came back for another Christmas cookie
    they were all gone!


    {{ loved watching your guys dance there on FB, too;
    such a talented family! }}

    happy new year, dear friend!

  7. tinker

    Hi again, Elsa! Popping in to wish you a beautiful and bright, happy New Year! xox

  8. rochambeau







  9. Ursula Kristin

    Wow..when the Christmas time past approaching I felt the presence on it. I am enjoying the decorative stuff on the streets and the Christmas tree with owning a colorful lights like a star on the trees. I love it no one can replace the good feelings to be on that season…
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  10. Hasmen

    What a wonderful video. I really enjoy it(laughs). Christmas is near and I am so excited to spend it. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Viola26Fowler

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  12. Avril

    Christmas is coming and I am so excited to spend it with my family and friends. Anyway, the video was great. I really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Celina from Learn French Online

    That video was very nicely done. Seems like your family had a wonderful Christmas!

  14. Jamie

    Love the crystals on your Christmas tree. Are they safe for you baby boy, though?

  15. Bernard Rosso

    I’m missing that good old Christmas spirit this time of year. It’s great while it’s here, but then I end up missing it terribly as time goes on.

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  17. urticaria

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