over the moon

summer came and went. it was busy and cathartic but a good summer. last month i turned a year older, a year wiser. and now it is the middle of autumn and we are getting ready for halloween, all saints day, all souls day, and then we are off to spend november with my family in the states- yes, i am over the moon!

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  1. rochambeau http://rochambeau.typepad.com

    What a photo!! ADORE IT and you!!
    Love and hope we can we see one another in the state!!

  2. rochambeau http://rochambeau.typepad.com

    So happy You’re OVEr THE MoOn ~@
    Happy Halloween to you and yours. If you have time, please drop by tomorrow for a tale including the moon ~~

  3. tinker http://tinkerart.typepad.com/tinker_art/

    Beautiful, Elsa – this photo just shines with love! So happy for you, getting to reunite with family, again. My daughter just visited from out of state and I know that ‘over the moon’ feeling, you speak of…and I’m so glad you’re enjoying that sweet feeling too. Have a safe and happy journey. Bon voyage! xo

  4. somepinkflowers http://somepinkflowers.typepad.com/

    the entire family
    is plum Glowing with Love!


    {{ i am not surprised one bit }}

    i bet U R now state*side
    and if wishes were
    i would B giving you all hugs
    in person!


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  7. Christina http://soulaperture.blogspot.com

    what a gorgeous photo!
    hello my friend.

  8. Lance http://www.blindsale.co.uk/

    What a wonderful photo you used to be posted here. It was totally awesome and precise cool either.

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    What a happy family. I eventually like the photo it was. I love to see the updated of it. Thanks for this.

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  12. Celina from Learn French Online http://www.learnfrenchonlinex.com/how-hard-is-it-to-learn-french

    I’m really loving that family photo. Your family is really adorable.

  13. Jamie http://www.onlinebackupservicesx.com/understanding-online-backup-software

    That photo looks really cute. Looks really spontaneous.

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  15. eb

    oh darling Elsa!
    I am so happy to visit you today
    sunshine and rainbows spilling all around
    I am embracing you
    and your gorgeous family
    I have missed you…

    sending sunshiny love,

    xox – eb.

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  17. rochambeau http://rochambeau.typepad.com

    Dropping by to give you a hug, Elsa!
    Big Love,

  18. Relyn http://www.comesitbymyfire.blogspot.com

    I hope you had a great visit back in the states and will be in this place again soon.

  19. rochambeau http://rochambeau.typepad.com

    Hello lovely Elsa,
    THank you for your comment about my sweet mom. Thinking of you! Wishing you and your boys happy, wonderful 2013!! Are you coming to Texas?


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