seven years

many people around the world observed wesak today, a holiday celebrating the birth, enlightenment, and death of buddha. some people or countries observe wesak season which lasts for a week or even one lunar month.
it is one of my favorite holidays. i make a point to mark in my calendar weeks in advance. i am not a practicing buddhist but am definitely a huge fan of its teachings.
during wesak, buddhists all over the world reiterate their determination to lead noble lives, to develop their minds, to practice loving-kindness and to bring peace and harmony to humanity. it is wesak tradition to make extra efforts to bring joy to and show kindness to the unfortunate, the sick, and of course your loved ones.
i love the idea, or the feeling i get from knowing that masses of people gather to be grateful, to collectively pray and pay homage to buddah through spreading kindness, happiness, sheding love and light on others and the earth.
it just so happens that seven years ago today, i moved to germany. in the last few weeks, i have been thinking about what this anniversary means to me. i thought about how much i have discovered about myself…the new people it has brought into my life, and the ones i left behind- the wisdom i continue to reap from rare visits to my other home, i thought about the lessons that come with experiencing a forgein culture and how they have changed me, the good, bad, and ugly. my tragedies and my triumphs. i thought about all of these things and i feel so blessed, it overwhelms me.
next to motherhood and marriage, the experience of moving here has enriched my life beyond measure and i am so, so, grateful.

3 Responses to “seven years”

  1. somepinkflowers

    i travel here & there
    about the cabin
    about the world
    to learn myself
    who I am
    who i would be
    if i was my Best Self…

    this i know, dear one—>
    purpose of Life—>
    ~~to practice loving-kindness~~

    how fortunate our paths have crossed
    Here, i think,
    as you do pass Your Light on to others
    i hope you know that,

  2. grants for single mothers

    What a majestic and picturesque landscape. I want to settle down with views like that in my later years. I’ve been to Europe several times but missed Germany. Now I wish I hadn’t.

  3. rochambeau

    Yes to this post Elsa! I hope you and your family are well this Autumn~

    Sadly, I must also let you know that my beautiful mother passed on Oct. 24.
    Thankfully she infused her brave spirit into me friend.

    Lots of love friend,

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